Aeration commonly refers to the process of using mechanized equipment to either puncture the soil with spikes (spike aeration) or remove approximately 25mm – 50mm cores of soil from the ground (core aeration). Aeration may be overlooked when trying to restore a lawn but is vital to bring it back to health. It improves drainage and reduces puddles formation.

Spike aeration involves the use of an aeration machine with spikes. It is sometimes used to address drainage issues in areas with turf. Core aeration is done on turf areas as a means of reducing turf compaction, reducing thatch buildup, improving the infiltration of water/nutrients, encouraging deeper roots, and creating an environment where grass seed can have direct contact with the soil.

This practice is followed not only to enrich the soil with air and give carbon monoxide the opportunity to escape from the soil, but also creates a softer playing surface for the athletes utilizing the facility. This should preferably be done by a specialized machinery. Tines of not larger than 12mm diameter should be used. Take caution of wich of the two are used and schedule the aeration between events as certain machinery causes disruption to the grass surface.

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