Natural Turf Solutions

Sports turf solutions is the scientific biological approach in combination with cultural practices to reduce the carbon footprint and ensure sustainable soil health to upkeep our environmental responsibility.

We work hand in hand with Agronomist’s, Sports turf consultants, Landscape Architects, Soil Specialists and Agricultural consultants. As a result of our extensive experience, we can host a range of solutions that will meet your requirements once a soil health test has been done to establish the nutritional demand and supplementation requirement specific to your conditions.

Cultural practices should be managed in combination of each other and they include irrigation management, fertilization, mowing practices, de-compaction and thatch control. All these factors should be managed in combination to ensure healthy growing grass that can tolerate high traffic volumes, inherent disease tolerance and significantly reduced maintenance cost.

As specialists in the sports industry, we do all disciplines relating to natural sport field rejuvenation of existing sports facilities and the maintenance thereof.

Aeration and de-compaction

Aeration is the frequent introduction of atmospheric air into the soil. In turn it allows the carbon monoxide to escape from the soil and provide oxygen to the root system that enhance new root development. Soil water retention increase dramatically and the capillary plant available water enhance a stronger root system that is more tolerant against drought, heat stress, disease infestation and higher traffic tolerance.

Our machinery allows hollow tining and core compaction relieving up to a depth of 300mm. Unlike the practises known in the industry, our machinery allow aeration without the disruption of sports activities or the requirement to cancel / postpone events. Fields can be used merely hours after aeration.

Thatch Control

The undecomposed or partly decomposed layer of organic matter situated above the soil surface and the turfgrass shoots is called thatch layer. (Thatch zone) Roots and rhizomes originating from the thatch layer and not the soil inhibits the turfgrass system’s inherent tolerance against biotic and abiotic stresses alike and increase the effect of residual herbicides in the soil which is not neutralized by microbial decomposition or cause residual herbicide injury to the turf.

Excessive thatch should be controlled by means of scarification and topdressing or as a combination between the two. Not only to remove the dead organic matter, but also to ensure a firm playing surface that is not spongy and result in athlete injury.

We own the specialized equipment to de-thatch and vacuum the built-up thatch layer to ensure healthy, stress free, firm and even playing surfaces that will set you a cut above the rest.

What sets us apart?

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We have an untarnished reputation and will never sacrifice quality over quantity.

Quality Assurance

All products and materials required to complete an  installation or project are purchased from reputable suppliers who adhere to SABS and ISO codes required by industry regulators, governing bodies or professional entities. For additional piece of mind, we have public liability-, works- and contractors all risk insurance.

Industry Knowledge

We bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to our projects. We have the creativity and offer out of the box ideas and designs. We are familiar with the correct materials and plants to use for our projects. We have the experience to do specialized installations that follows world standards, that sets us a cut above the rest.

Service Excellence

Integrity is of high importance to us and we value you as a client. We keep our promises and deliver what we commit to. We strive for service excellence and welcome any type of communication to give you the assurance that your project is consistently focused to achieve the desired outcome.

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