Sports Field Treatments

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What sets us apart?

Reasons to choose circle worx

We have an untarnished reputation and will never sacrifice quality over quantity.

Quality Assurance

All products and materials required to complete an installation or project are purchased from reputable suppliers adhering to all SABS and ISO codes required by industry regulators and other governing bodies or professional entities that suppliers must adhere to. For additional piece of mind, we have public liability-, works- and contractors all risk insurances in place.

Industry Knowledge

We bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to your project. We have the creativity to offer “out of the box” ideas and designs. We are familiar with the correct materials and plants to use for your project. We have the experience to do the specialized installations our competitors aren’t capable of producing!

Service Excellence

We keep our promises and deliver what we commit to. We VALUE you as a client and welcome any type of communication to give you the assurance that your project is headed to the right outcome.

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