Civil Engineering

CircleWorx does a range of earthworks.

We do bulk earthworks, earthmoving, road construction and installation of bulk services such water reticulations, sewer reticulations, water harvesting systems and storm water systems. We do all mentioned services in combination, or individually as required.

As specialists in the sports industry, we do all disciplines regarding a sport field development. From breaking ground to a final product. With the experience of constructing seven IAAF certified athletic fields, we strive for the highest standard possible.

As a cost saving method, CircleWorx introduced harvesting and screening of the existing topsoil layer instead of topsoil importation to create a growing medium. This will ensure better drainage and provide a better growing medium that will save every client on maintenance expenses in the long run and ensure sustainability of the project.

Hard Landscaping

Improving architectural features


Changing atmospheres


Designing, procuring, installing and commissioning


Erosion control methods on construction

Instant Lawn

Specialising in the installation of new lawns

Civil Engineering

Specialists in earthworks, specifically with sports fields

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