Conventional seeding

Conventional seeding is used in areas which have arable bare soil and can be reached easily with various types of agricultural machinery.

Seeding is coomonly used to establish grass as an alternative to sod or sprig in remote areas or to establish varieties not available commercially. It is the most cost effective way of establishing grass.

Following the cultivation to prepare a suitable seed bed before seeding, seed is sown by a highly accurate mechanical Seeder ensuring placement of the seed is perfect. Circle Worx can tailor the seeding process to any client requirement such as, selecting specialist seed mixtures or blends, the correct ameliorant application, fertilisers and aftercare packages to further phytorelevant parameters.

We offer aftercare packages that are tailored to the environment; including broadleaf weed control and establishment aftercare.

Fields of application for conventional seeding are typically sport fields, industrial estates, training areas, airports, waterways, landfills, golf courses and parks.

Why choose Conventional Seeding?

Advantages of conventional seeding


Ability to cover large accessible areas quickly


Creation of high seed to soil contact ratios


Most cost effective way of establishing grass


Allows a tailored approach to establish grass

What sets us apart?

WHY choose circle worx

We have an untarnished reputation and will never sacrifice quality over quantity.

Quality Assurance

All products and materials required to complete an  installation or project are purchased from reputable suppliers who adhere to SABS and ISO codes required by industry regulators, governing bodies or professional entities. For additional piece of mind, we have public liability-, works- and contractors all risk insurance.

Industry Knowledge

We bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to our projects. We have the creativity and offer out of the box ideas and designs. We are familiar with the correct materials and plants to use for our projects. We have the experience to do specialized installations that follows world standards, that sets us a cut above the rest.

Service Excellence

Integrity is of high importance to us and we value you as a client. We keep our promises and deliver what we commit to. We strive for service excellence and welcome any type of communication to give you the assurance that your project is consistently focused to achieve the desired outcome.

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